COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

At Green Akers Pest Control LLC, we have always prided ourselves in being a local family owned business that operates at the highest level of safety for all our customers. Many precautions we take may go unnoticed, but we put great thought into every interaction we have. During these trying times we would like to assure our customers that we are continuing to exercise caution from the types of products we apply, the technique we use, and the PPE we wear.

From the start of our business we have implemented wearing gloves. Some of our products require the use of gloves, but many do not. This lessens exposure to chemicals as well as picking up germs and bacteria while on the job. Pest control works to eliminate pests that cause serious illness and disease and is classified as essential in the health and wellbeing of the public and private sectors.  Wearing gloves, also serves as a reminder to not touch our face, and if we touch surfaces with flu germs during flu season we lessen the spread.

With COVID19, we are now implementing the use of booties so we do not track in germs between homes on the bottom of our shoes, and we will wear a respirator if requested. We have always practiced quarantine if we are ill and will not hesitate to reschedule if we ourselves feel unwell. We ask that you contact us if you have flu like symptoms and we will reschedule your service when you are on the mend.

During this time of where extra precautions are being made, outside service is perfectly appropriate for those that do not have active bed bug or German roach infestations. If you would like us to skip the inside and do outside only, we can continue to eliminate the bugs attempting to reinfest your home. We greatly appreciate all our customers and thank you for supporting a local family in your community.


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