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For the past 4 years we have offered state wide bed bug services all over the state of Virginia. The Northern Virginia area around the Washington DC area is one of the worst areas for bed bug infestations in the world. We at Green Akers Pest Control LLC are local to the Lynchburg area of Virginia but even with travel expenses, we are still very much competitive in the Falls Church, Arlington, Woodbridge, Stafford and Chantilly areas of Virginia. Call today for an honest quote and stop dealing with bed bugs! 

At Green Akers Pest Control, we are confident you will be happy with our quality of work and the exceptional customer service that we provide in Falls Church. With over 30 years of experience eliminating BED BUGS and other invading pests, you have come to the right place for relief!

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Green Akers Pest Control is a family owned, locally run company located in Lynchburg and service all of Virginia for Bed Bugs! We service areas all along Virginia Route 29 locally and Virginia as a state for bed bugs. Jason Akers has nearly 30 years of experience dealing with everything from spiders to bed bugs, cockroaches & rats. There is no problem too large or small we can’t handle. We are open 24 hours a day so call us anytime!

A video on why we don’t do Heat Treatments

Trusted technician Jason Akers goes into the reasons you want to think twice before doing a Heat Treatment for bed bugs. Jason has been providing bed bug services at a fraction of the cost of a Heat Treatment. Call us today for an honest quote and save thousands of dollars. We have been servicing Falls Church and all of Virginia for years and can eliminate your parasites today!

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Have a Pest Question? We have the answer.  CONTACT US and send us your question or picture. We can usually identify any pest you may be having problems with. Bed Bugs are misidentified all the time and just because you may believe you have bed bugs you may not! Jason Akers has nearly 30 years in the business and has seen every critter you can imagine, from Bedbugs, Termites, Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, Mice (and yes even their droppings). You may find what you need over on our YouTube channel as well and please don’t hesitate to call us. We love hearing from our friends!

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We do everything in our power to ensure elimination of bedbugs with as little disruption to your family as we can. We have families too and do everything to make this service as quick and painless as possible. We even have an unmarked vehicle we can arrive in to ensure your discretion.

We have families too, so we know how important it is for our pest control methods to be safe around children and pets.

You can rest assured Green Akers Pest Control will be there with the safest methods to protect your family.

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If you have a pest problem, there’s no time to waste. We believe you need to act right away so the problem doesn’t worsen. We offer various discounts from time to time to help you get started on your way to a pest-free lifestyle right away