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Stay up to date on the latest pest control methods. What works and what doesn’t.

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Stink Bugs

How to stop stink bugs from getting in NOW!

How do Stink Bugs get into your house? Here is a nice video on how to find the entry points of stink bugs that plague us in Charlottesville and Lynchburg VA.

Bed Bugs

Find out why Heat treatments for bed bugs are not effective. Heat treatmentscan cost you more out of pocket expense than need be. Control Bed Bugs!

In the second video is more information on how to eliminate bed bugs without expensive heat treatments. Jason explains why heat treatments don’t work and why chemical application is the only logical choice to make when dealing with bed bugs.


Why bait stations don’t work for termites!

Bait Stations have been out for years. Are Termite Bait stations right for you? Watch Jason explain why these devices are not a cost effective way to eliminate Termites and how termite damage will continue to be an issue.

How To Choose The Best Exterminator

How does one choose the best exterminator for their money in the new year? What qualifications make a pest control technician right for you? Will Green Akers Pest Control, Local to Charlottesville and Lynchburg VA, work for you?


DIY Cockroach Expert Advice!

Jason Akers explains how to kill cockroaches yourself and hopefully how to save money doing it. We always advise to read your labels before attempting any pest control yourself. This video was recorded in Charlottesville, VA .

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