Stink Bugs

It is a hot summer this year and the stink bugs are out eating various forms of vegetation. Soon the nights will be getting cooler and these little pesky critters will be looking for a way into our homes! These tiny terrors are usually forgotten during the summer months as we head to the pool and beaches but they have not forgotten about us.


Why do Stink Bugs get in my home every year?

Stink bugs have a pheromone that attracts them to one another. These pheromones work like a homing beacon and rub off as they enter around cracks and crevices in doors and windows. This is why stink bugs tend to attack the same homes year after year. If you are hoping the lack of stink bugs now is a sign of good things to come…I apologize. They will be back. Call us now and save when you book a stink bug elimination plan for the month of August. It is best to attack these insects BEFORE they enter so that there is a residual to catch them when they swarm.

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