We love our pets, but even when we take wonderful care, they can sometimes bring in fleas. These little pests are often some of the most annoying of all creepy crawlies. They jump on us, they climb our pant legs and then sink their little mouths into us, sucking our blood like vampires, leaving little itchy, swollen bites than can last for weeks.

Fleas go through metamorphosis. A female lays around 20-40 eggs and can lay every day. When these eggs hatch, they are in the larva stage. Once in this stage they can live for a couple weeks before entering the next stage of life. The larva spins a cocoon from silk it produces and goes into a dormant state. Depending on conditions, the larva will pupate for a couple weeks or even months. Once the larva has reached full maturity it will lay dormant until someone or something walks by. The change in light and dark and also the sudden vibrations will cause the fleas to hatch. They jump towards whatever moved and feed almost instantly. The female will lay her new eggs into the blood that she regurgitates and the life cycle begins anew.

When treating for fleas, one of the most important steps is to treat all pets. Usually your vet can help you with this step or even advise you what treatment can be purchased and how to use it. Once you have taken care of your pet the next step is to treat your house. There are many treatments on the market that people try to use on their own. “Bombs” are the number one treatment that I, as an exterminator, get told on a daily basis, are used for flea control. This could be the most ineffective treatment that people try. The problem with a fog or “bomb” treatment is, it only kills whatever larva and adults are active at the time of treatment, this does not kill the cocoon stage. The only way to kill these fleas is to wait until they hatch. The most effective way to kill this stage of flea is by residual treatment to the floors throughout the home.

A great deal of customers have begun to ask “If you are going to treat my floors, what about my pets and children who play on the surface? Will they be ok?” Our technicians at Green Akers Pest Control LLC use the safest pesticides on the market. They are labeled for nursing homes, child care facilities, restaurants and even hospitals. Your family is our family and we take utmost care to provide quality service at minimal risk.

Call us today to eliminate these pests so you can rest easy…..and nowhere near as itchy!