I have a snake problem!

Black Snake

Many exterminators hesitate when it comes to eliminating snakes. In our experience, when one has a snake problem it is connected to a mouse infestation. Snakes like to get an easy meal where ever they can. When mice have been getting in a barn, shed, or home, snakes cannot resist invading as well.

Black Snakes and Mice

Usually, when a customer calls with a snake problem, they have issues with black rat snakes. Black snakes can be extremely beneficial. They eat other snakes including copperheads and rattlesnakes. It is for this reason many of our customers who live in the country prefer to leave them be. However, when a snake gets inside the home, we usually try our best to get the invader back outside. Green Akers Pest Control LLC helps aid in relocating snakes back outdoors. Monthly mouse baiting helps to keep the snake populations down as well.

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Black snakes are just one variety of snake, and while they are the most common, they are not the only snakes we have experience with. We have also come across rattlesnakes inside the home. In these cases, it is always best to call a professional to eliminate these problems.

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